Additional Passport Pages

Having Additional Passport Pages Added to Your Passport

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Did you recently get a new passport?  For people who travel frequently with work for pleasure you might find that your passport pages can get filled up quickly.  Standard passport a come with twenty four pages, but it lasts for five years.  If you leave the country more than five times per year your passport will run out of pages fairly quickly.  Passports mare made fairly small on purpose so they are convenient and easy to carry around, if that is not a concern for you maybe adding additional passport pages could be an option.

Instead of ordering a new replacement passport with new empty pages and paying the full passport fee again you can save time and money by simply requesting that new pages are added to your existing passport.  This process is quicker and less costly than applying for a new passport entirely.

If you have less than 2-4 pages remaining empty in your passport book it is time to either order a new passport or add additional passport page to your existing passport.  Adding additional passport pages will cause your passport to be a little bit thicker than it was before but if that is not a problem for you it could work out to be less expensive and faster to add pages than to request a brand new passport.

To have additional passport pages added to your existing passport you will have to obtain and complete a DS-4085 form that can be found at one of your local passport offices.   After the form is filled out you will need to mail it away with your existing valid passport and the $82 fee for the service.  This is still significantly cheaper and less cumbersome than getting a brand new passport.  There are thousands of people who like to keep all of their travels in one passport for nostalgia, if you are one of these people then adding additional passport pages might be just the solution you are looking for.

Why pay for a new passport if you really only need additional passport pages added to your existing valid passport?  The service is considerably faster than the process involved in getting a brand new passport.  The service is less expensive as well than getting a brand new passport book.

These days when money is harder to come by to begin with, if you can keep some extra money in your pocket it would be silly not to do it.  Instead of paying twice as much or more to get your brand new empty passport book you can choose the more economic solution and have additional passport pages added to your existing valid passport book.  Why not do the economically responsible thing and save yourself and your family some money.  This option is especially attractive for people who travel with their family and have several passports to correct at the same time.  Four new passports, or four passports with additional passport pages added to them.  The financial difference is huge.