Applying for a Passport from Outside the US

When applying for a U.S. Passport from outside of the United States, there are a great many procedural similarities, but also a few particulars that set is apart form the usual routine. This article will help to walk you through the necessary steps to get your U.S. Passport if you are in another country.

Get acquainted with your nearest U.S. Embassy & Consulate

The biggest difference in applying for a U.S. Passport outside …

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Damaged Passport Replacement

When traveling, it is sometimes difficult to remember where each of your items is hiding. The toothbrush may be in the carry-on; your dress shoes are in the regular luggage; your wallet is in the inside front pocket of your jacket; and you are probably clutching your passport in your hand so that it is visible and at the ready when security asks to see it. However, sometimes your passport has a little mishap and gets damaged. Maybe it fell into a puddle when you …

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What to do if you lose your passport

A U.S. Passport allows people to travel internationally for business and pleasure. However, on very rare occasions, you may find that your passport has become lost or stolen. This may seem scary, because leaving your house without your drivers license is one thing, but being in a foreign country without any proof of identification can make a person feel lost. Luckily, there are contingencies in place in case of such an unfortunate event.

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Temporary Passport

A temporary passport is an emergency way to re-enter the United States without having the person’s original passport in hand. This is only used when a US citizen reports their passport as lost or stolen while traveling abroad. They must obtain a replacement in person by visiting the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. It cannot be obtained online or through the mail. The US Embassy or Consulate cannot guarantee a temporary passport since there are a number of factors that they must go through.

Most of …

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Expediting a Passport

Expediting Your Passport

If your vacation or business trip is creeping up on you faster than you thought and you still do not have your new passport you might be looking for information on expediting a passport application.  A regular passport application can take anywhere between one and two months or more if you have had problems with your paperwork.  When you start expediting your passport application the first thing you will have to do is get all of your paperwork together and meet with a …

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Expedited Passport Replacement

Expedited Passport Replacement Services

Has your passport been lost, stolen, or damaged?  Maybe your passport is just filled up with your travels.  If you are looking for a passport replacement for your full, lost, missing, or damaged passport there is good news.  You can get your passport replacement easily and in some cases quickly as well.  Replacement passports are handled in much the same way as passport renewals.  There are any number of reasons that you might need a passport replacement, maybe yours was stolen or …

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Expedited Passport Renewal

Fast Passport Renewal

Is your passport expiring soon?  Has it already expired?  If you are looking for passport renewal services there are a few things you’ll need to do.  You are going to need a new updated passport photo, you’ll need a new renewal form filled out, you’ll need your old passport, finally you’ll need a passport office to submit all of this information to.

Your passport renewal photo if you do not …

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Emergency Passport Service

Obtaining an Emergency Replacement Passport

Have you lost your passport?  Do you have a vacation or business trip scheduled for two weeks from now?  You know that it takes six to eight weeks to get your new passport by mail so now what do you do?  Emergency passport services are available for just such an occasion.  The process for receiving your passport in an expedited manner through emergency passport services is the same as a regular passport application or renewal with the exception of the fact …

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Passport?

How Long Does it Take to Get a Passport in the United States

The process of applying and acquiring a valid passport in the United States is sometimes a long one and may be mind-numbing and tiresome at times. When planning to travel and you require a passport, it is important to ask yourself and think around ‘how long does it take to get a passport in the US?’ this is important in guiding you on the best dates and time to schedule your travel and …

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Quick Passport

Application for Quick Passport in the US

It is perfectly human to wait till you are almost late for you to start rushing things up. It is also perfectly in order to make impromptu travel plans for a vacation or any other touristic expedition. There is still nothing wrong for a surprise invitation to an exciting occasion abroad by a friend. I personally would not mind waking up one morning and spending the night in another country. It is also perfectly normal for emergencies to occur …

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Rush Passport

Rushed Passport Application

There comes a time when you realize that you need to travel and that you require a new passport or a renewal of your passport. In such a circumstance, you realize that you do not have time to wait until the passport is processed within the normal five to six weeks. This is when you require rushed passport application. Fortunately, it is possible to apply for a rushed passport through the expedited passport services that are offered in the US.

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