Passport Denial

Why Was My Passport Denied?

Traveling abroad affords people the opportunity to see the rest of the world and experience things that aren’t available domestically. In order to travel internationally, American citizens will need a passport that grants them access to other countries and also allows them to come back to the U.S. Applying for a passport isn’t as much difficult as it is tedious. In some cases, people are even denied a passport, making the process even more complicated. Here are some reasons that passports …

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Fake, Stolen and Black Market Passports

When screening airport passports, security agents perform a number of activities at the same time. While scanning over the ID on the documentation, they also monitor the crowd for anything out of the ordinary, in addition to ensuring that the line of passengers continues moving smoothly. Agents see a wide range of passengers in respect to age, gender and appearance. Many may not appear exactly as the photo on the passport.

While …

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Damaged Passport Replacement

When traveling, it is sometimes difficult to remember where each of your items is hiding. The toothbrush may be in the carry-on; your dress shoes are in the regular luggage; your wallet is in the inside front pocket of your jacket; and you are probably clutching your passport in your hand so that it is visible and at the ready when security asks to see it. However, sometimes your passport has a little mishap and gets damaged. Maybe it fell into a puddle when you …

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Passport Processing Time

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport?

Travel – both for business and recreational reasons, is on the rise, and there is no better reason to have a U.S. Passport. In addition to being able to hop on a plane overseas, Federal Legislation has made it so that even road trips to Canada and Mexico require a traveler to present a Passport at the border.

Getting a U.S. Passport can be …

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Passports for Children and Infants

If you want to travel between the U.S. and another country, then you will need a passport. This includes children under the age of 18 and the rules for these minors are a bit different and more difficult than for those people applying who are over 18.

Proof of parents or guardian is needed

If your children need a passport, then both parents now have to apply for one at the same time …

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Check Your Passport Application Status

Checking your passport application status is a great way to keep track of where you are at. Today with the implementation of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), many citizens who get stuck in another country, or are planning to leave the country only to find that you cannot find your own passport are going to need to use the options available to check that status of an application. US Citizens used to be able to return back home from Canada, Mexico and most of …

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Need a Passport?

Are you planning a vacation this season?  If you plan to leave the United States you will most likely require a passport to do so.  Passport offices are staffed with fully trained helpful individuals who can help you to ensure you have all of your documentation in order to get your new passport request processed.  Obtaining a new passport can take six or eight weeks in some cases so it’s important that you find …

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Infant and Children’s Passports

What you need to obtain a Passport for a Child or Infant

Passports can be challenging to obtain for adults but even more so are passports for babies and passports for children.  Adults need to submit all of their own personal documents in order to get a passport, but passports for children and passports for babies require a lot more information.  To apply for your child’s passport you will need all of …

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Visa Documents

Required Documents for a Visa to Travel Abroad

It is important to make the necessary preparations when you are planning to travel. One of the most vital issues in travel arrangements and plans is to apply for and secure a passport and a visa. In this way therefore, special care and efforts should be directed towards getting the necessary travel documents such as identification documents, passports and visas. Before you actually apply for the visa for the country that you are planning to visit, …

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Passport Requirements

Passport Requirements in United States

United States has particular passport requirements that must be satisfied before one is issued with a valid passport. Knowing these passport requirements is important in the passport application process because failure to produce these documents may lead to your being denied a passport. Most of these passport requirements center on the need to ascertain your US citizenship and are also dependent on age and personal histories.

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Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements for Americans Traveling Abroad

Information on visa requirements for Americans traveling abroad is vital for those who wish to visit places outside the US. It is important to know all the necessary information that you need for visa requirements in order to make your travel a comfortable one. In this way, you need to prepare your travel documents well enough and before the commencement of your traveling.

It is good to …

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Passport Photos

Passport Photo Size and Specifications for Passport Application

Passport photo size and other specifications for the same are important considerations in the passport application process. It is good to realize that acceptance or rejection of the passport photo is at the sole judgment of the United States passport agency. There are stipulated specifications and guidelines concerning the passport photo size, color, quality of the paper, the mood of the photo among many other elements that are considered vital in the photo-taking process.

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Requirements for a Passport

Requirements for a Passport in United States

The process of applying and acquiring a passport in the US is sometimes a complicated one. This means that you must set some time for the process and ensure that you have provided the necessary requirements for a passport as it is stipulated by the application procedure. When applying for the first time for a passport in the US, there are several requirements for a passport that you must satisfy.

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Required Passport Documents

Passport Documents Needed In the Application

It is usually very important to know the necessary passport documents that are needed in order for a smooth passport application process in the US. Travel arrangements should commence once you have ascertained that you have the necessary travel documents one of which must be a valid US passport. It is not possible to fly out and re-enter the US without having the necessary travel documents the most important being the US passport.

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