Renewing an Expired Passport

Steps to Renew an Expired Passport

Renewing a U.S. passport is relatively easy if the passport is still in effect, and usually not too much harder if the passport is expired.

In many instances, the passports can be renewed by mail, while at other time passport holders will need to apply in person.

The U.S. Department of State issues passports for American citizens who want to travel abroad. As most countries require passports to be good for three to six months, or longer, after the traveler leaves …

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Emergency Passport Service

Obtaining an Emergency Replacement Passport

Have you lost your passport?  Do you have a vacation or business trip scheduled for two weeks from now?  You know that it takes six to eight weeks to get your new passport by mail so now what do you do?  Emergency passport services are available for just such an occasion.  The process for receiving your passport in an expedited manner through emergency passport services is the same as a regular passport application or renewal with the exception of the fact …

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Additional Passport Pages

Having Additional Passport Pages Added to Your Passport

Did you recently get a new passport?  For people who travel frequently with work for pleasure you might find that your passport pages can get filled up quickly.  Standard passport a come with twenty four pages, but it lasts for five years.  If you leave the country more than five times per year your passport will run out of pages fairly quickly.  Passports mare …

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Passport Fees

US Passport Fees

The US passport fees are payable to the passport issuing offices. The US department of state through the Bureau of Consular Affairs is the one directly involved in the collection and management of passport fees. Different people are charged different amounts of passport fees during the passport application process. The criteria used in determining the amount of passport fees to be levied on an individual are age, the speed at which you want your passport to be processed as well as whether you …

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Passport Cost

How Much Does a US Passport Cost?

When making travel plans out of the US it is important to seek knowledge on the costs that you will incur for travel arrangements. Travel arrangements and preparations cost should cater for those expenses that will be incurred to apply and secure a valid US passport. So, how much does a US passport cost? This question is dependent on other factors and circumstances surrounding the individual who is making this passport application. Passport cost may be viewed as the …

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