Changing Your Name on Your Passport

If you’ve been trying to find information about changing your name on your passport, the information provided here will help you with this process. Here you will discover how to change your name on your US passport, what will need to be done in case of a marriage or a divorce, and how to successfully use the form DS-5504 for completing this process. After you read the information provided here, you will have a better understanding of how this process works, and what you’ll need …

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Passport Processing Time

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport?

Travel – both for business and recreational reasons, is on the rise, and there is no better reason to have a U.S. Passport. In addition to being able to hop on a plane overseas, Federal Legislation has made it so that even road trips to Canada and Mexico require a traveler to present a Passport at the border.

Getting a U.S. Passport can be …

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Additional Passport Pages

Having Additional Passport Pages Added to Your Passport

Did you recently get a new passport?  For people who travel frequently with work for pleasure you might find that your passport pages can get filled up quickly.  Standard passport a come with twenty four pages, but it lasts for five years.  If you leave the country more than five times per year your passport will run out of pages fairly quickly.  Passports mare …

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Required Passport Documents

Passport Documents Needed In the Application

It is usually very important to know the necessary passport documents that are needed in order for a smooth passport application process in the US. Travel arrangements should commence once you have ascertained that you have the necessary travel documents one of which must be a valid US passport. It is not possible to fly out and re-enter the US without having the necessary travel documents the most important being the US passport.

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Passport Name Change

Applying for a Passport Name Change

Applying for a passport name change in the United States is a simple process but may require you to have ample time before the changes can be done. There are several requirements that you must satisfy, some of which calls for official documentation especially regarding your name change. Some of the circumstances that are allowed for a passport name change are in the events of name change through marriage, or through court order.

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