No-Fee Passports

Applying For a No-Fee Passport

The process of obtaining a passport without paying any fees is possible only for a limited number of individuals who must undergo an application process and show proof of their eligibility in order to be exempt from any fees pertaining to the issuance of the passport. Many of the eligibility requirements are quite stringent in which only a limited number of people can apply and effectively obtain a no-fee passport book. The following people are eligible in order to obtain a …

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Passport Form DS-11

Passport Forms DS-11

Different forms are used in the US when applying for passports. Among the most common are the passport forms DS-11. The other forms that are used in passport applications are passport forms DS-82, DS-4085 and DS-5504. These passport application forms are used by different categories of passport applicants and are geared towards simplifying the passport application process. Some forms are meant for those people who are applying for the passport for the first time; other forms are for the renewal of the passports …

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