Emergency Passport Service

Obtaining an Emergency Replacement Passport

Have you lost your passport?  Do you have a vacation or business trip scheduled for two weeks from now?  You know that it takes six to eight weeks to get your new passport by mail so now what do you do?  Emergency passport services are available for just such an occasion.  The process for receiving your passport in an expedited manner through emergency passport services is the same as a regular passport application or renewal with the exception of the fact that you might be asked to pay an additional fee to speed up the processing of the application.

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If you need your passport this week no matter what, it is worth the small fee the emergency passport service might charge.  In most cases you can go right into your local passport office and tell them you need to expedite your passport application and they can recommend a good emergency passport service to help you get the passport faster.  You will need all the same documentation and all of the same forms and they will still need to filled out correctly and fully, but the application can be processed faster.

Although just about anyone can request emergency passport service they will ask you why you are looking to speed up the processing.  All of the same security measures are in place whether you speed up your emergency passport service, or if you get your passport the regular slower way.  When you choose to expedite your passport service you will get a little bit more one on one service from an emergency passport service representative who will go through the paperwork with you to ensure it is done correctly and to ensure you have supplied ALL of the necessary supporting documentation.

You can choose to wait the designated six to eight weeks to get your passport delivered to your door through USPS, or you can have your passport in as little as seven hours by applying through an emergency passport service.  When you look at the information doesn’t it seem silly to wait a full six to eight weeks when the alternative is seven to twelve hours?  When you just cannot wait the full month or two to get your documentation and head out on your trip emergency passport services are the best way to go.  It will cost a few dollars more, but in a society where your time is money it only makes sense to use emergency passport services.  Missing your vacation or your business trip is not an option, after all the deposit on your trip will be lost if you cancel at the last minute.

Whether it’s a family vacation or a business trip, whatever is pressing you for time you need that passport today, why wait longer than you have to?  Meet with a representative, fill out the forms, pay, and come back in a few hours to pick up your brand new passport.  It’s really that easy.