Expedited Passport Renewal

Fast Passport Renewal

Is your passport expiring soon?  Has it already expired?  If you are looking for passport renewal services there are a few things you’ll need to do.  You are going to need a new updated passport photo, you’ll need a new renewal form filled out, you’ll need your old passport, finally you’ll need a passport office to submit all of this information to.

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Your passport renewal photo if you do not remember is a small two inch by two inch color photo taken on a white background.  Your entire face must be shown from the front with both eyes open.  Passport photos can be a challenge because the government is very picky.  Lucky for Americans we have only a few simple rules to follow.  You can take your own photo if you want or you can go to a photo shop and ask for a passport photo.  If you are taking your own photo keep in mind the following, it must be on a white background, it must be well lit with no shadows on the face or on the white surface behind you.  The photo must include your whole face and shoulders from the top of your hair down to your shoulders.  You cannot wear sun glasses or hats or anything that obstructs your face including a veils or other religious/cultural attire.

You can obtain a passport renewal form from a passport office in your city.  The form looks much like the original form you filled out to get your first passport.  You will be asked for a little bit less information this time since you will be submitting our old passport.  With your original passport you would have submitted almost a shoe box full of original documents to support your identity etc, the government has those on file still today.  By submitting your old passport you are giving them the information they need to find your documentation on file instead of sending it all in again for your passport renewal.

Once your forms are filled out and you have your old passport in your hand you are ready to head into your passport office and submit the information.  When you submit your information you will be asked to pay the passport renewal fee for your passport renewal processing.  This fee includes the regular administration fees, as well as transportation fees, security measures fees and what not. After you submit your forms and documents you only have the waiting left.  Getting your new passport can take four to six weeks.

If you do not have time to wait you can request an expedited application but you will have to be ready to pay extra fees for the service.  If you expedite your application you can expect to receive your new passport within one or two weeks instead of four to six weeks.

Renewing your passport while your current passport is still valid will save time and energy on your part as well.  If you wait until your current passport is expired it can take a little bit longer to process your passport renewal.