Expediting a Passport

Expediting Your Passport

If your vacation or business trip is creeping up on you faster than you thought and you still do not have your new passport you might be looking for information on expediting a passport application.  A regular passport application can take anywhere between one and two months or more if you have had problems with your paperwork.  When you start expediting your passport application the first thing you will have to do is get all of your paperwork together and meet with a representative of the company you have chosen.  There are several company across the United States that specialize in expediting a passport application.  Once you have selected one you meet with a representative and they will go through every bit of your paper work to ensure you have supplied absolutely everything and that the forms are all filled in correctly.  This meeting is the crucial step to expediting a passport application.  More often than not delays in passport processing are caused by incorrectly filled paperwork and lack of supporting documentation.

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At your meeting you will be asked to pay a fee for services rendered.  The fee covers the expediting of a passport application or renewal, as well as the professional service rendered by the representative you meet with and any transportation costs associated with shipping your documents and receiving your completed passport.  In many cases companies who are expediting  passport can receive your completed brand new or renewed passport within seven hours of sending away your information.  This will increase the return time by more than 100% compared to regular passport applications.  When you are in a hurry to get your passports, using a company that specializes in expediting a passport application is the only way to go.

In order to use a company for expediting a passport you will still need to visit a local passport office to receive the correct information and forms for your application.  Once you have those and have filled them out and met all documentation requirements you are ready for the expediting a passport application company.  They will review your documents and send them through different channels in the passport office to ensure your request is handled right away.  Your passport will not be handled by the same group of professionals as a regular passport since your expediters will be sending your application and documentation through different channels for faster than normal service.

You will need the same pictures as you would normally need and each will have to be signed by a guarantor same as any other passport. Ensure your photo includes a white background and a picture of you showing the top of your hair to your shoulders. You need to have your eyes open in the passport photo and there can be no shadows. If you normally wear a veil of some sort over your face you will want to be sure to remove it for your photo.

Expediting a passport is a simple process and can make your life and your vacation much more comfortable. Find a reputable company and get your passport as early as today.