Infant and Children’s Passports

What you need to obtain a Passport for a Child or Infant

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Passports can be challenging to obtain for adults but even more so are passports for babies and passports for children.  Adults need to submit all of their own personal documents in order to get a passport, but passports for children and passports for babies require a lot more information.  To apply for your child’s passport you will need all of their personal documents including proof of American Citizenship, Birth Certificates, proof of your relationship to the child, and then all of your own passport documents, plus you have to bring your baby or child in to the office as well.  If you are the guardian of the child but not the parent you will also need written permission from the parent to obtain the child’s passport.  If you are applying as one parent taking the child out of the country you will need written permission from the other parent in order to obtain your child’s passport.

In many cases people do not immediately obtain their child’s birth registration and proof of citizenship; if you did not obtain your child’s documentation yet that might cause delays in receiving the child or babies passport, you will need these documents first.  As for proof of your relationship to the child you will normally find this on their birth certificates where it lists the mother and father.  To support this information you should also bring along your birth certificate and a piece of government issued photo ID.  If you or your child were not born in the United States you will also need proof of citizenship for yourself or the child (which ever was not born in the US).  Obtaining a passport for a baby is a lot of work, but is worthwhile I you are planning a family vacation in the near future.

What if you are taking a baby on vacation who is not your child?  Often aunts and uncles or grandparents will take their children on vacation or take children for visits during the summer holidays.  If you are not the parents of the child you are planning to take over an international border you will need a letter of permission from the natural parents in order to get a passport for a child that is not yours.  More often than not it is easier to ask the natural parents to obtain the passport ahead of time so that you can simply take the child and their passport along with a permission letter over the border.  Even with a passport it is better to keep a letter giving you permission to take another person’s child or baby over the border.  If you are planning to take your own child or baby over the border by yourself without the other parent you should also obtain a letter from him or her giving you permission to do so.  There are a number of rules and regulations in regards to child abduction that can otherwise prevent you from getting over the border with your child and your child’s passport unless you have the permission of the other parent.

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