Passport Cost

How Much Does a US Passport Cost?

When making travel plans out of the US it is important to seek knowledge on the costs that you will incur for travel arrangements. Travel arrangements and preparations cost should cater for those expenses that will be incurred to apply and secure a valid US passport. So, how much does a US passport cost? This question is dependent on other factors and circumstances surrounding the individual who is making this passport application. Passport cost may be viewed as the amount of money that will be used on the passport both directly and indirectly.
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The direct passport cost may be viewed as the application fees asked by the passport issuing office, the passport execution costs and any other fee that may be levied towards the completion of the application process. However, other indirect passport cost may arise as a result of seeking and securing the necessary supporting documents for the smooth issuance of the passport. Depending on the amount of time that you have at your disposal, other passport costs may be applied such as the need for an expedited passport service. You may also need to apply for both passport book and passport card, thereby increasing the cost of your application.

Passport costs that are levied on individuals seeking a passport in the US are as follows;

  • Adult passport book and passport card together will attract a passport cost of $140 plus an execution fee of $25. This means that the two documents will cost a total of $165.
  • When applying for a passport book only, you will be asked to pay a total of $135, the cost of the passport being $110 and the execution fee of $25.
  • In the event that you only need a passport card, which will only allow you to travel by land and sea, but not air, you will need to pay $55, $25 of which will cater for the execution fee.

It is good to note that persons applying for the first time for a passport in the US must appear in person at the application center. These centers may be a passport agency, an acceptance facility, a US embassy or consular.

Sometimes you make all the plans to travel or to take a vacation in an exotic place abroad only to realize that your passport has already expired. This means only one thing, that you will incur another passport cost. So, what are the passport costs for the renewal of an expired passport in the US?

  • A renewal of both adult passport book and card in the US will cost you a total of $140.
  • A renewal of an adult passport book will cost $110 while
  • A renewal of passport card will cost $30

It is good to not here that adult applications for the renewal of passports in the US may be sent by mail as the recommended method. However, you can present your applications in person at a passport agency. US applicants abroad must seek renewal of their passports at the US embassies and consulates in the countries that they are in.

Passport applications for minors are cheaper compared to those of the adults. Passport costs for minors cost a total of $140 both the passport book and card.