Do You Need a Passport for a Cruise?

Do You Need A Passport To Take a Cruise?

Everyone dreams of taking a cruise once in a while, without a lot of hassles. Taking a cruise is a very nice way to run away from the monotony of everyday life. It is an exciting way of taking a break and relaxing while visiting exotic places. A vacation cruise is such a nice idea for a touristic experience that will enable you to ease out and cruise away all the stress that may have accumulated in the process of working or doing stressful businesses.

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It is good to realize that with the improvement of the economic situation that is generally taking place; more and more people can now afford a cruise. It has become very fashionable for couples and families to take cruises once in a while to visit exotic places. Sometimes the thought of taking a cruise may crop up due to a situation that was not planned in good time. You start quick preparations for the cruise, arrangements, bookings, packing…but wait a minute…do you need a passport for a cruise?

The answer to the question whether you need a passport for a cruise is both yes and no. There are general rules that govern and stipulate the travel documents that one need to have while travelling in and out of the United States. In practice, you need a proof of US citizenship while travelling. This can be catered for by carrying your driver’s license, birth certificates for the kids and other such documents. But do you need a passport for a cruise within the US? With effect from 1st June 2009, a special consideration for passport while cruising took effect. A cruise that starts and ends in the same US port does not require you to have a passport. These are the cruises that are commonly referred to as closed-loop cruises. However, while cruising in these closed-loop cruises, you will need proof of US citizenship by carrying a government-issued photo identity card, your driver’s license or birth certificates for you and the children you are with where applicable.

Do you need a passport for a cruise starting from one US port and ending in another US port or a foreign port? The answer to this question is yes. It is a requirement to have a valid passport while cruising under this arrangement. It is also a requirement to have a valid passport while cruising in any European cruises. Many people taking cruises are in search of relaxation and therefore will not like the idea of the processing a passport. Sometimes you settle for a cruise as a last minute thing or an afterthought. This is where expedited passport services come in handy.

In as much as we may want to take advantage of the new passport rules on closed-loop cruises, it is very important to have your passport while travelling. In case of emergencies or eventualities, you may not be allowed to take a flight from a cruise destination back home without a valid passport. Fortunately, there are options of getting expedited passport for your cruise within less than 24 hours.