Passport Form DS-11

Passport Forms DS-11

Different forms are used in the US when applying for passports. Among the most common are the passport forms DS-11. The other forms that are used in passport applications are passport forms DS-82, DS-4085 and DS-5504. These passport application forms are used by different categories of passport applicants and are geared towards simplifying the passport application process. Some forms are meant for those people who are applying for the passport for the first time; other forms are for the renewal of the passports while others are used for special circumstances.

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Passport forms DS-11 are filled out and submitted by individuals satisfying one of these characteristics:

  • Individuals who have never been issued with a US passport
  • Those who are under the age of 16 years
  • Those who were under the age of 16 years when their passports were issued for the first time
  • Those individuals whose passports were issued more than 15 years ago
  • If your passport was stolen or lost
  • Those who have had their names changed and they cannot document the name change legally

In addition to filling out passport forms DS-11, these applicants must present themselves at the passport agency or receiving facility. The steps taken in filling out the DS-11 application forms are simple and anyone can fill. These steps are outlined below;

  • You have two options that you can choose from when filling out the DS-11 passport forms. You can fill-in the details online and then print the form. The other option is to print the form and enter the details using black ink. Other than getting the DS-11 passport forms from the internet, you can also collect them from passport agencies and accepting facilities.
  • Submission of passport forms DS-11 must be accompanied by supporting documents to ascertain the information that you entered on the forms. It is also a must that you must present the DS-11 forms personally at the acceptance facility or passport agency.

It is important to realize that these passport forms DS-11 and others are provided free of charge to US citizens. There are no fees directly associated with the collection or filling out of the DS-11 forms. However, when filling out the DS-11 forms, special attention should be paid to ensure that the information entered is correct to the best of the applicant’s knowledge and that there are evidences in terms of documents that can be produced to support the claims.

The importance of having several passport application forms is informed by the need to categorize people into coherent groups that have similar requirements. For example, those who are only renewing their passports ot those who want additional pages to their passbooks would find it cumbersome to fill out a DS-11 form. This is because the state already has the necessary details about the applicant and that is is of no use to make him or her fill out information that would only be repetitive. This is why the DS forms are put into different categories.