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Passport Photo Size and Specifications for Passport Application

Passport photo size and other specifications for the same are important considerations in the passport application process. It is good to realize that acceptance or rejection of the passport photo is at the sole judgment of the United States passport agency. There are stipulated specifications and guidelines concerning the passport photo size, color, quality of the paper, the mood of the photo among many other elements that are considered vital in the photo-taking process.

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Passport photo size and specifications for passport application in the United States are as follows;

  • The passport photo must be in color. Black and white photos are rejected.
  • The passport photo size should be 2×2 inches that is equivalent to 51×51 mm.
  • There are special specifications concerning the photo space that should be occupied by the head. A professional photographer should be contacted to take the photo such that it will be accepted.
  • Even if the passport photo size and other specifications are okay, it will be rejected if it does not represent the current appearance. It should therefore be to have been taken within the last six months.
  • The photo should also be taken on full face, facing the camera and a plain-white background.
  • You should not make faces, smile or wrinkle your face. The passport photo should be neutral with both eyes open.
  • Hats, head covers and other materials should not be worn except those ones that are religiously worn.
  • The passport photo size and other specifications for a passport photo in the US are strictly enforced. This is the reason why you cannot be allowed to wear sunglasses or tinted glasses other than those worn under the doctor’s prescriptions. However, glare on the passport photo is not allowed.
  • The clothing on the passport photo should be the ones that one normally wears on daily basis. However, clothing should not obscure any part of the face. There are no exceptions for this. Uniforms cannot be worn on a passport photo.

Passport photo size and other specifications required in the process of applying for a passport in the United States should be adhered to. This will ensure that your photos are not rejected and that your application process is smooth. However, these requirements should not be a cause for worry. There are many professional photo centers that have these specifications. In this way, contacting the correct photographer will result in a passport photo size and specifications that will be acceptable.

Sometimes you are confronted with a situation where you urgently need to apply for a passport in the US. With a limitation of time, it is good to take advantage of the expedited passport services that are available in the US. These expedited passport services will ensure that you get the correct sizes and specifications of your passport photo within a very short time. The process of passport application will be greatly shortened though with an additional cost.