Passport Process

The Passport Process in the US

It is very important to have an idea of the passport process in the US. When you are making your travel plans, you should be clear enough on your mind whether or not you will need a passport to travel. After you are clear that you will require a passport in your travelling, then you should set some time for the passport process when you are thinking around the proper dates to take your travel

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The passport process in the US can be a long one and sometimes overwhelming. There are many requirements that you will be asked to satisfy before you are issued with a valid US passport. Most of these requirements will go towards proofing your US citizenship and should not be a lot of bother when you have the documents to show this. However, the passport process takes time and you should be prepared to cater for this in your travel arrangements.

It is good to note that the normal routine passport process in the US takes approximately five to six weeks before it is completed and you are issued with a passport. This is when the application process has gone smoothly without hitches as a result of lack of supporting documents to your claim or if any additional information is required of you. In your travel plans, you should be sure to accommodate this time that the passport office will take to process your document.

To make the passport process smooth therefore, you should source for and bring together all the supporting documents and any other necessary issue that would be required of you. Make sure that you have your certified birth certificate ready, the passport photos are taken in proper specifications as stipulated by the passport office, and you have filled out the DS-11 passport application forms correctly and satisfactorily. Be sure to personally submit the DS-11 forms with the supporting documents to your claim to the passport agency office. You should also make sure that the copies of the certificates that you are submitting are all certified by the relevant authorities. This is in order to make sure that the passport process does not become complicated or you are not denied the passport.

The passport process in the US will therefore start with your first step of deciding whether or not you need a passport for your travel. The other steps in the passport process follow the stipulated issues by the passport issuing office. These are issue such as downloading the necessary forms and filling them out with the correct information concerning your claim for a passport. When this is done, you will need to submit the forms to the acceptance passport application office in person. The passport process in the US will also require you to pay the necessary passport fees whether you are applying for the first time or you are renewing your passport or adding pages.

You will be asked to pay an additional fee for the passport process involving expedited passport services.