Passport Status

How to Check Passport Status after Application

With the advent of improved communication technologies today, the process of passport application has become better and better. Though proper attention should be paid to make sure that you have provided the correct details and supporting documents, the process has been made simple. After making the application, you can always check passport status online through the use of a computer or any other connected device.
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It is important for every person applying for a new US passport or renewing an old one to understand the process very well. It is also good to make sure that you know the process through which you will be able to track and the monitor the application process. This means that you should be in a position to check passport status after application.

As a general knowledge, you will need to wait between five to seven days after application for you to be able to check passport status online. This is the time that it will take for the information to be available online and be accessible to the passport applicants. There are also several things and parameters that you should be able to input correctly to check passport status online. You will need to correctly put in your last name. You should be careful enough to put the correct suffixes such as Jr, II, and IV at the end of your last name if you used them on your passport application forms. If your name has hyphens such as Will-Smith, then be sure to put them correctly.

To check passport status online, you will also need to put your correct date of birth with the right format. The format is usually MM/DD/YYYY as a general rule. Make sure that the dates are correct and follow the right format. Finally, you will need to provide the last four digits of your social security number to ascertain that you are tracking your own passport application status.

There are other ways through which you can check passport status after you make an application. If the online method does not yield any fruits, or for any reason you are unable to track it through the online means, there is an alternative. The National Passport Control Center is a resourceful place where you can check passport status after making an application. Here you can get the answers concerning your passport application, the status and any other general questions that you may be having concerning the passports.

It is important to note that you need to be patient enough as the time taken to process your passport application is usually more than a month. However, it is good to keep track of your application just in case there are eventualities and circumstances that may result to a delay of processing.

However, with an additional cost, there are expedited passport services available in the United States. Through this arrangement, passports are processed within a very short time. There are some instances that the whole process takes less than 48 hours. Some go for 24 hours. It is good to realize that you will still need to check passport status depending on the agreed time-frame.