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Application for Quick Passport in the US

It is perfectly human to wait till you are almost late for you to start rushing things up. It is also perfectly in order to make impromptu travel plans for a vacation or any other touristic expedition. There is still nothing wrong for a surprise invitation to an exciting occasion abroad by a friend. I personally would not mind waking up one morning and spending the night in another country. It is also perfectly normal for emergencies to occur and make it necessary for you to travel. This is when you realize that you urgently need a quick passport or a quick passport renewal.

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Due to the realization that the above mentioned circumstances are normal, the passport issuing offices have been offering quick passports to those who need them at an additional fee. These are the so called expedited passports that are issued by the department of state through the bureau of consular affairs for a period of less than two weeks. The application process for a quick passport in the US is more or less the same as the normal routine passport application process. It is also good to note that anyone can apply for a quick passport in the US.

Whether you are applying for the first time or you are renewing or even changing some details on you passport, it is possible to apply for a quick passport service. This will only cost you an additional $60 above the amount that you would have paid for the regular routine passport application. In this way therefore, it is recommended that you send the necessary documents through a traceable means and pay a two-way overnight delivery for your passport.

It is also strongly recommended to include your planned travel/departure dates on the application. The envelope that you will use to send the documents should be clearly marked with the word “Expedite” so that it can call for attention. However, it does not mean that since you sent the documents at the same time, you will get them back at the same time. You may receive your passport before, after or together with your passport supporting documents.

The type of payment to use when you are applying for a quick passport in the US depends on the place that you are using for the application. When you are applying for a quick passport at a passport agency, you can use credit cards, debit cards, checks, bank drafts and money orders. You cannot use your ATM card here. When you mail-in the documents, personal checks or money orders to “US Department of State” are accepted. Cash is not entertained. When you are using a post office or any other facility, make sure to inquire the correct payment method used there.

When considering application for a quick passport in the US, it is also very important to note that all passport agencies accept applications by appointments only. You cannot just storm in the offices and expect your application to be accepted.