Required Passport Documents

Passport Documents Needed In the Application

It is usually very important to know the necessary passport documents that are needed in order for a smooth passport application process in the US. Travel arrangements should commence once you have ascertained that you have the necessary travel documents one of which must be a valid US passport. It is not possible to fly out and re-enter the US without having the necessary travel documents the most important being the US passport.

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This therefore means that application for a valid US passport should be done well in advance to ensure that you are not frustrated in your efforts to travel. There are several things that you should not do before making sure that you will get the passport in good time. These are things such as buying air tickets or booking flights. This may be frustrating at the end as the passport may be delayed or you may be denied a passport.

To avoid delays in the processing and issuance of a valid US passport, there are several passport documents that you must submit together with the passport application forms. These passport documents are meant to proof among the most of important- your US citizenship. A valid US passport can only be issued to the American citizens and therefore you must produce evidence towards the citizenship of this country.

Some of these passport documents that you are supposed to submit together with the passport application forms are:

  • Valid birth certificate original and certified copies. The birth certificate will be used to proof that the birth was registered in the US and that you are a citizen of this country.
  • In case you do not have a birth certificate, you should provide a report of birth having taken place abroad. This is also a proof that you are a citizen of US and that the same has been documented.
  • Other passport documents that you can provide to show your legal claim is by providing naturalization certificates or certificates of citizenship. These are also considered legal citizen documents.
  • It is good to realize that you may not be having all the passport documents needed. In this case, an additional fee is required for a file record search that will be done to recover documents that may be used to ascertain your citizenship.
  • Other passport documents required are marriage certificates and court orders in case you want to change a name on your passport.
  • Parental consent documents are required of minors applying for passports in the US in addition to the other passport documents that are normally asked.
  • Sometimes you may need to provide documents indicating your social security membership and number. This is not usually asked for but may be needed in case of an arising issue with your SS.
  • To provide your identification to the acceptance offices and passport agencies, any government-issued identification such as the national ID, military ID or driver’s license may be used.

It is however good to note that you should supply all the information needed form you in order to facilitate a smooth passport application process.