Requirements for a Passport

Requirements for a Passport in United States

The process of applying and acquiring a passport in the US is sometimes a complicated one. This means that you must set some time for the process and ensure that you have provided the necessary requirements for a passport as it is stipulated by the application procedure. When applying for the first time for a passport in the US, there are several requirements for a passport that you must satisfy.

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A US passport is an important legal document that is issued to the citizens of the US by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Department of State. It is the single most important travel document that one is supposed to have while traveling in and out of the US. It is not possible to fly out of the United States without having a valid passport and therefore a lot of importance is attached to this document and a lot of monitoring is done to ensure that travelers have the document properly issued by the CA. Therefore, one of the most important requirements for a passport in the US is to proof that you are a legal citizen of the country.

Some of the other requirements for a passport in US are as follows;

  • The applicant must provide a valid birth certificate as a proof of US citizenship. This birth certificate must be certified by the relevant authorities. It must also be embossed with the official government seal.
  • Requirements for a passport in US stipulate that you must apply the passport in person. This means that you must download or collect the DS-11 passport application forms. These forms must be filled out online or by hand. You must provide all the necessary information that the form requires including your social security number, failure to which the passport will be delayed or denied all the same. However, you must not sign the application forms until asked to do so by the accepting agency.
  • Together with the submission of the DS-11 forms to an accepting agency, other submission requirements for a passport direct that supporting documents and proof of US citizenship should be attached. You should provide one of the documents such as previously issued passport that is undamaged, a certified birth certificate, a consular report of birth having taken place abroad, naturalization or citizenship certificate. You must also present proper identification documents at the time of application, which includes a drier’s license, a current national or military ID or other relevant documents as mentioned above.
  • There are also other requirements for special circumstances and conditions. For example, if you are applying for a passport in a state other than where your IDs were issued, you need to provide conclusive details. If you provide a Nevada driver’s license in another state, you will be required to give more identification documents.
  • Requirements for a passport also direct that you should provide recent passport photo that must satisfy the relevant specifications.

Minors, trans-genders and other special segments of the society have special passport requirements. The supporting documents of a trans-gender individual should reflect his or her current appearance.