Rush Passport

Rushed Passport Application

There comes a time when you realize that you need to travel and that you require a new passport or a renewal of your passport. In such a circumstance, you realize that you do not have time to wait until the passport is processed within the normal five to six weeks. This is when you require rushed passport application. Fortunately, it is possible to apply for a rushed passport through the expedited passport services that are offered in the US.

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Anyone can apply for a rushed passport at any time. You do not even have to give reasons or justify your cause for the rushed passport application. All what is expected of you is to pay a fee of $60 above the normal rates that are applied to the normal routine applications. You will also e required to pay an overnight two-way delivery fee for your passport.

The application process of a rushed passport is still similar to that of the normal routine applications. You will need to provide the necessary documents to proof your American citizenship. These documents are such as the birth certificates and any other document that is legally acceptable to proof that you are a citizen of the US. You will also need to pay the necessary fees a stipulated by the passport issuing office. Identification proofs are also needed in the acceptance facilities.

Rushed passports are otherwise also called expedited passports. Expedited passport services are extended to those who wish to apply for the passports but may not be having enough time to wait for the normal processing periods. The expedited passport services are extended to all regardless of the application type. Those who are applying for the first time as well as those who are renewing their passports can pay the extra amount of fee to secure the rushed passport services for their application processes. Even those who are applying for changes in their passports such as name change are also entitled to benefit from the rushed passport service.

Once you have decided that you will need to use the rushed or expedited passport services, you will need to ensure that you have organized all the necessary documents that will support the passport application process. Pay the necessary fees and fill out the necessary application forms. Present these documents, application forms, payment details, recent passport photo and any other item that may be required to the acceptance facility or passport agency. Make sure that you have provided complete details and that the application process is not hindered by any thing or issue.

Once you have made the application, it is good to keep track of your passport application process. A rushed passport application will be able to be reflected online within five to seven days after the application. You should be alert for any call to provide or proof anything by tracking the progress of your application. It is usually advised that you should indicate the dates of your scheduled travel during the application process to give the office an idea of when you expect the passport.